Innovative Medical Hot-Melt Adhesive Coating
Innovative Medical Hot-Melt Adhesive Coating

Pupack™ is a medical hot melt adhesive coating technology independently developed by Pumao. Pupack™ originates from the unremitting pursuit of sterility of medical packaging, and creates value through technological innovation. It has become the first self-developed medical hot-melt adhesive in China, accelerating the globalization of medical packaging.

Key Functions
Meet packaging integrity and microbial barrier specifications, provide visual inspection
Minimize the risk of particulate contamination
Smooth peeling, easy to use
Core Strengths
Better breathability
More consistent peel strength
Better adhesive anchorage
Better anti-moisture and anti-condensation
Better endotoxin control
More resistant to UV exposure
Applicable Markets
Medical Device

Pupack™ provides customers with cleaner and safer medical device packaging, and achieves clean peeling in pouches, die-cut lids and roll stock

Medicine and Device

Pupack is produced and tested to meet demanding specifications for particulate level, bio-burden and endotoxin, and is a reliable option for prefilled Syringe

Medical Beauty

With excellent microbial barrier and particle control performance, Pupack™ helps global customers provide cleaner medical beauty products

Technological Innovation, A Cleaner Step

Pupack is committed to providing sustainable medical hot-melt adhesive coating products. Pupack hot-melt adhesive is made of solid polymer materials, non-toxic, solvent-free, and naturally low in endotoxin level

Sterilization methods
Gamma Irradiation
Available Features
Blue Tint Adhesive
Coating Process
Dot pattern technology, High permeability
High temperature coating, less particulate contamination
Applicable Packaging
Die Cut Lids
Roll Stock



Hongjiang Shi
Baohong Li
Paul Chen